Field Experience Supervision

Supervisors are official representatives of the School of Education who assume responsibility for directly supervising our students in the field and who serve as liaisons between the campus and cooperating sites. A supervisor may be a faculty/staff program coordinator, a graduate student, or another staff person. The supervisor role is critical to the success of the School’s educator preparation programs.

Field Experience Policies

The most recent update of the UW–Madison School of Education Teacher Education Field Experience Policies is provided below.

Supervisor Resources and Information

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction has established minimum requirements for student teaching observations:

  • Evaluates each student’s performance using all of the following:

1. A minimum of 3 classroom observations, either in person or real-time virtual, by a program supervisor with relevant teaching experience. At least one observation shall be in person.

2. At least 3 written evaluations of each student based upon classroom observations by the cooperating teacher or a supervisor approved by the educator preparation program. At least one written evaluation shall be done by the cooperating teacher. The procedures for the written evaluations shall include conferences with the student, cooperating teacher, and program supervisor. The student shall determine which evaluations are available to prospective employers. The written evaluations shall be kept as part of the student file required under s. PI 34.016 (3) (b).

These requirements governing student teaching observation visits should be considered minimum expectations. The number of university supervisor visits may vary according to student teacher need and program expectations. It is recommended that the cooperating teacher participate in as many of the post-observation conferences as time will allow.

Generic observation forms are available in PDF format as well as an example for Supervisor Evaluation Art and a mid term evaluation used for MCEA Special Education Dual Certification. Consult with your program supervisor for preferred forms.

Contact and Resources

Nancy Coulter

Field Experience Coordinator
Teacher Education Center

Katie Porwoll

Administrative Manager
Teacher Education Center