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About Us

Our Mission

The Teacher Education Center aims to uphold the Wisconsin Idea by supporting research and development of policies that capitalize on the role of teacher preparation in challenging inequities in P-12 schools, maximizing the impact of our teacher preparation programs, and supporting the preparation of teacher educators and teacher education scholars.

Our Vision

To advance UW–Madison’s leadership and impact in the field of education by serving as an incubator for teacher education practices and providing support for and connections between our research, state policy, and our preparation of future teachers.

Indigenous Education

One of the highlights of the School of Education Teacher Education Center is our Indigenous Education Coordinator. Through this position, we support our educator preparation programs’ efforts to teach candidates the histories, cultures, languages, and sovereignty of the First Nations of Wisconsin. The Indigenous Education Coordinator facilitates the Teacher Education Center Indigenous Education Committee, a professional learning community to better understand Act 31 and best practices in Indigenous education––as well as develop institutional strategies for infusion and Indigenization. We also offer First Nations Cultural Landscape Tours of the UW-Madison campus, that introduces students, staff, and faculty to the First Nations of Wisconsin through place-based learning. All students in our educator preparation courses take this tour, which is augmented by additional pre- or post-tour learning activities planned in collaboration with our Indigenous Education Coordinator.

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Omar Polar leading a group on a UW-Madison First Nations Cultural Landscape Tour
Omar Polar leading a group on a UW-Madison First Nations Cultural Landscape Tour

Our Team

The team members of the Teacher Education Center share a passion for equitable education, social justice, innovation, and service. We believe ensuring that all P-12 students have access to high-quality teachers is an important avenue by which to pursue excellence and equitable educational outcomes. Brief descriptions of the Teacher Education Center’s leadership team and staff are provided below.


Kelly Hayek

Position title: Interim Associate Director


Phone: (608) 262-4602

Kimber Wilkerson

Position title: Faculty Director of Teacher Education Center


Phone: (608) 263-4362

Faculty Partners

John B. Diamond

Position title: Kellner Family Distinguished Chair in Urban Education and Professor of Education in ELPA


Phone: (608) 263-3232

Hala Ghousseini

Position title: John Grover Harvey Professor of Math Education, Associate Professor, Curriculum & Instruction


Phone: (608) 263-5035

Maxine McKinney De Royston

Position title: Assistant Professor, Curriculum & Instruction


Phone: (608) 265-3434


Ann Halbach

Position title: Innovative Programs Specialist


Phone: (608) 262-1187

Nancy Kuehn

Position title: Field Experience Coordinator


Phone: (608) 262-3773

Carly Marco

Position title: Teacher Pledge Program Manager


Phone: (608) 263-4001

Javier Neira

Position title: Enrollment Coach, Teacher Preparation Programs


Phone: (608) 263-3011

Mark Olson

Position title: Faculty Associate


Phone: (608) 890-3279

Omar Poler

Position title: American Indian Curriculum Consultant


Phone: (608) 263-4174

Katie Porwoll

Position title: Administrative Assistant


Phone: (608) 262-2997

Jen Schoepke

Position title: Director of Forward Madison


Phone: UW-Madison Office: (608) 265-8255; MMSD Office: (608) 204-7804



    Thank you for reaching out with your questions. We also want to thank you for your patience during this rapidly evolving time.  We’re doing our best to keep you informed, working with all the organizations …


    Due to changing circumstances with COVID-20 there are various routes to obtaining your Wisconsin Teacher License.  We have developed step-by-step directions for various situations to help you through the licensure process.  Please select from the …


    Joins us and Bucky on Tuesday, November 19th from 3:30 - 8 PM for a teacher education professional development conference focused on job search preparation. The event includes two panel sessions and 5 breakout sessions.

  • Nearly 300 books by award-winning author Kate DiCamillo being delivered to Wisconsin districts by Teacher Education Center

    With backing from author Kate DiCamillo, staff from the Teacher Education Center are delivering nearly 300 books by the award-winning author to several districts around Wisconsin.

  • Laptop Checkout

    The Teacher Education Center is happy to announce we have 3 laptops which will become available at the beginning of October for teacher education students to check out on a semester long basis.  Please fill …