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Current Students

You’ve decided to pursue your education at UW–Madison and become a teacher. Soon, you will make a difference in students’ lives every day. We want to make a difference in yours. At the UW–Madison School of Education Teacher Education Center, we can help you navigate the process of becoming a teacher and give you the tools you need to be successful in your academic journey – as well as your professional career after you graduate. Below are some of the resources you may need along the way.

Spring 2021 COVID-19 Policy for Educator Preparation Students

As part of our commitment to the health and safety of the communities who partner with us in educator preparation, we are treating PK-12 school sites the same as UW-Madison campus buildings for the purpose of COVID-19 testing compliance.

All students are required to use the Safer Badgers app to manage testing appointments and monitor results.

Starting on February 10, just as UW-Madison students need to test negative prior to entering a campus building, educator preparation students will be required to have tested negative prior to going into their PK-12 school sites.  Undergraduate students will need to test negative within a 4-day period prior to entering a PK-12 site; graduate students need to test negative within an 8-day period prior to entering a PK-12 site.

For the remainder of the semester, students must follow UW-Madison’s required testing schedule so that their Badger Badge (within the Safer Badgers app) indicates “Building Access Granted” each time they enter a PK-12 school.

The Teacher Education Center will monitor compliance weekly.  Any student whose Badger Badge status is “Building Access Denied” will not be allowed to report to their school site until their status is changed to “Building Access Granted.”

Note that it can take up to 24 hours to receive a result, so you should plan to test at least a day in advance of reporting to your school site.  It is possible that you may have a test result that is “inconclusive”, “invalid”, or “rejected.”  If this is the case, you must re-test in order to be in compliance.

If you test positive for COVID-19, please notify your program* and your cooperating teacher (or school-based supervisor) immediately and follow campus guidance for isolation/quarantining.  You will also need to follow your host school district’s procedures for reporting a positive test. Do not report to a PK-12 school site for at least 10 days after a positive test.  Your program coordinator/director will work with you to articulate alternative activities for days missed or create a plan for extending your field experience if necessary.

Students completing a field experience outside Dane County who also reside outside Dane County may be exempted from the requirement to test regularly on campus – although still encouraged to test regularly to the extent possible.  (Contact your program* to request this exception.)

Students must also comply with their host school district’s policies and procedures related to COVID health and safety – in addition to complying with the University’s testing requirement.

Please reach out to your program coordinator/director or to Kimber Wilkerson, Faculty Director of the Teacher Education Center, if you have any questions about this requirement.


*Program contacts:

Art education – Mary Hoefferle

Elementary Education – Early Childhood – Erica Ramberg

Elementary Education – Content-focused – Kat Nichols

Elementary Education – ESL – Mary Klehr

Elementary / Special Education “Dual Cert” – Heather Dahl

Library Media Specialists – Allison Kaplan

Music Education – Walter Rich

Physical Education – Cindy Kuhrasch

School Psychology – Kristy Kelly

Secondary Education – Social Studies – Tom Owenby and Joey Lubasi

Secondary Education – Science – Mark Olson and Joey Lubasi

Secondary Education – Math – Jen Murphy and Joey Lubasi

Secondary Education – English – Dawn Lemirand-Poepping and Joey Lubasi

Special Education – Heather Dahl

Speech Language Pathology – Courtney Seidel

UW-SET Special Education residency program – Tessa Neigum

World Language Education – Yanli Zhu

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