Meeting Wisconsin Educator Standards

Future teachers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are dedicated to teaching all children, seeking social justice through equitable educational outcomes.

Program graduates are highly skilled professionals who are prepared to lead efforts to improve educational opportunities in the communities in which they work. Candidates demonstrate their knowledge and skills in five broad standard areas: (1) learner and learning environment; (2) planning; (3) engaging/instructing; (4) assessing; and (5) behaving in professional and ethical ways. Guided by Foundational Knowledge (Content) Standards, programs provide the knowledge and skills needed to meet the Performance Standards. For more information on the UW-Madison Teacher Education Performance Standards and their alignment with the Wisconsin DPI Teacher Standards please see here.

State standards for educators addressed through courses and field experiences in our educator preparation courses.  Click on specific Teacher, Administrator, and Pupil Services programs for information on how standards are met.

Coverage of Standards

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Teacher Education Programs

  1. Art Education (undergraduate program)
  2. Elementary Education (undergraduate program)
    • Regular Education (Early Childhood) & English as a Second Language
    • Regular Education (Middle Childhood-Early Adolescence) & English as a Second Language
    • Regular Education (Middle Childhood-Early Adolescence) with a Content Focus
  3. Elementary Education & Special Education (undergraduate dual major program)
    • Regular Education (Middle Childhood-Early Adolescence)
    • Special Education (Middle Childhood-Early Adolescence)
  4. Instructional Library Media Specialist (graduate program)
  5. Music Education (undergraduate program)
    • General Music
    • Choral Music
    • Instrumental Music
  6. Physical Education (undergraduate program)
  7. Secondary Education (graduate program)
    • English & English as a Second Language
    • Mathematics & English as a Second Language
    • Science & English as a Second Language
      • Broad Field, Biology/Life, Chemistry, Physics, Earth Science & Space, Environmental
    • Social Studies & English as a Second Language
      • Broad Field, Geography, History, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology (supplemental), Economics
  8. Special Education (Middle Childhood-Early Adolescence & Early Adolescence-Adolescence)
  9. Speech Language Pathologist (graduate program)
  10. World Languages Education (undergraduate)
    • Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Portuguese

Administrator Programs

  1. Director of Instruction (graduate program)
  2. Director of Special Education and Pupil Services (graduate program)
  3. Principal (graduate program)
  4. Reading Specialist (graduate program)
  5. Superintendent (graduate program)

Pupil Services Programs

  1. School Counselor (graduate program) *Closed to new admissions
  2. School Nurse (graduate program)
  3. School Psychologist (graduate program)
  4. School Social Worker (graduate program)