Thank you for reaching out with your questions. We also want to thank you for your patience during this rapidly evolving time.  We’re doing our best to keep you informed, working with all the organizations that are involved in your licensure, and that we, like you, are disappointed by how our worlds are being derailed by the pandemic. That said, becoming a great teacher is still an amazing and worthwhile pursuit and happily for all of us, you can still work toward that goal.

In light of Governor Evers’ 3-17-20 announcement that Wisconsin schools will be closed for the duration of the COVID-19 health crisis, students in School of Education Teacher Education programs will not be required to participate in any face-to-face field experience activities for the remainder of the semester.

Please see here, where you can find recent information about preservice education field experiences. For news from campus, this website will update frequently as UW-Madison issues new guidance.

Your course instructors and program leaders are working to ensure that progress toward your degree will not be negatively impacted by the changes to the format of delivery of instruction for the remainder of this academic year.

Please contact if you have additional questions. Last updated March 30, 12pm.

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