Madison College to UW–Madison School of Education Transfer Agreement

Join a new generation of teachers!

Dreaming of becoming a teacher? Are you a Madison College student wanting to earn a BS in Elementary Education or Special Education? You now have a direct pipeline into the UW–Madison School of Education, which is considered one of the best in the country. We equip our students to become leaders in diverse schools across Wisconsin and the nation.

The transfer agreement guarantees you admission if you meet the requirements.

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How it works

Students must:

  • Earn an associate of arts degree in the liberal arts transfer education pre-major at Madison College
  • Complete an electronic declaration of intent to participate in the initiative with a Madison College advisor — which is then forwarded to the School of Education
  • Meet with a Madison College and School of Education advisor at least once per semester
  • Earn a 3.0 cumulative grade-point average or better in transferable Madison College coursework
  • Meet the requirements for admission to UW–Madison by demonstrating the completion of:
    • algebra (one high school year or equivalent)
    • plane geometry (one high school year or equivalent)
    • college preparatory math (one high school year or one college-level course)
    • single world language (two high school years or two college semesters of sequential study in one world language). A student whose native language is not English is exempt from the world language requirement provided the student’s formal education through the seventh grade was in their native language.
  • Submit the regular application for transfer admission to UW–Madison according to the schedule specified for the planned term of entry to the university

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Fund your education

If you are transferring into UW–Madison’s teacher preparation programs you are eligible for significant financial support via the Teacher Pledge program. The School of Education pledges to pay the equivalent of in-state tuition and fees, testing, and licensing costs for all our teacher education students. In return, you pledge to work at a Wisconsin PK-12 school for three to four years after graduation.

Interested in Transferring?

Contact the School of Education’s Recruitment Coordinator Anthony Baxter at:

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