Should I Take the Teacher Pledge?

Do you want to become an outstanding teacher in the great state of Wisconsin? If you said yes, we hope you will consider taking the UW-Madison School of Education Wisconsin Teacher Pledge. Are you in?

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How to Take the Teacher Pledge

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Explore and find out which teacher education program is right for you. Not sure? Undergraduate Advising and the Career Center can help.

Now you’re ready to apply to the School of Education! Once you’ve been accepted, watch for an important email with instructions for enrollment and more.

I’m Taking the Teacher Pledge

So you’re ready to take the Teacher Pledge!

The good news: there is no application for the Teacher Pledge program. You just have to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Need help filling out the FAFSA?

Once your FAFSA has been completed and submitted (and, if you’re new to UW-Madison, after you’ve enrolled in classes) you will receive notification of your financial aid offers — including the Teacher Pledge.

Note: Teacher Pledge offers for the summer term are made separately from fall/spring offers.

  1. Accept and save your Teacher Pledge Student Agreement in the Student eForms tile in MyUW Student Center.
  2. Accept the loan in the Financial Aid tile in MyUW Student Center.
  3. Look for your promissory note in your email. Follow the email’s instructions to complete the process. The note may take several business days to process.

The Office of Student Financial Aid will check that you have completed all necessary steps. If you forgot something, you will be notified.

Now that you have completed the steps required to take the Teacher Pledge, check the Financial Account tile in MyUW Student Center to confirm your balance. If you have any questions about your balance, email

I Took the Teacher Pledge

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You took the Teacher Pledge. Now what?

  1. Continue progress toward and completion of your teacher education program.
  2. Complete your FAFSA for each academic year that you are enrolled in a teacher education program.
  3. Participate in Teacher Pledge activities as requested (e.g. research, surveys, etc.).

Congratulations, you made it to graduation!

As a Teacher Pledge graduate, you must:

  1. Complete your online Teacher Pledge loan exit interview with the Bursar’s Office.
  2. Complete Wisconsin DPI teacher licensure and certification requirements.
  3. Obtain at least a 75% full-time teaching position at a PK-12 Wisconsin school.
  4. Complete the loan cancellation and employment verification survey annually. Check your email at the end of each academic year you teach or are in deferment.
  5. Complete Teacher Pledge student surveys and other research-related requests.
  6. Work at least 75% full-time at a PK-12 Wisconsin school for three-to-four years over the five-year post-graduation period.

Upon completing your teaching commitment, you will receive a letter stating that your Teacher Pledge loan has been fully forgiven!

Don’t forget to keep in touch!

We can’t wait to hear all about your teaching joys, surprises, and challenges. Are you interested in sharing your experience with us? Reach out to Teacher Pledge Program Manager Carly Marco at