Why Take the Teacher Pledge?

The Teacher Pledge is open to all  teacher education students* in both graduate and undergraduate teacher preparation programs. We pledge to pay the equivalent of in-state tuition and fees, testing, and licensing costs for all of our teacher education students. In return, they pledge to work at a Wisconsin PK-12 school for three to four years.

The Teacher Pledge can also be combined with scholarships, grants, stipends, and other forms of financial support. So, even if you have funding for part of your program, the Teacher Pledge can provide additional support. If you’re still not convinced, read on to see why the Teacher Pledge might be a right fit for you.

Five Reasons Why You Should Take The Teacher Pledge

  • UW–Madison School of Education: The Teacher Pledge is the first of its kind and only offered at the UW–Madison School of Education. You get to earn your teacher education degree from one of the best schools of education in the nation.
  • High Demand Career: Teaching is a high-demand profession with an almost 100 percent job placement rate. When you pursue a teacher education degree with the Teacher Pledge, you can have a paying job right out of college.
  • Faster Loan Forgiveness: With the Teacher Pledge, you can have all your Teacher Pledge loans forgiven within 3-4 years of teaching. This is significantly faster than other federal or state loan forgiveness options.
  • Affordability: With an attractive cost of living, Wisconsin is an excellent place for early-career professionals to start saving.
  • Community: If you grew up in Wisconsin, The Teacher Pledge is a great way to give back to your community. As an educator, you can help future generations pursue their dreams. Many of our smaller rural communities are in great need of diverse, passionate educators like you.
    If you don’t have ties to Wisconsin, Wisconsin schools can help you build community as an early-career educator while you work toward your Teacher Pledge. Our school districts and our teacher preparation faculty and staff are here to support and mentor you. You will always be part of the Badger family and have access to all our career and professional development resources.

*must be eligible to work in the United States upon graduation

Infographic about why to take the Teacher Pledge. Detailed reasons to left of image in text.

We Took The Teacher Pledge

Meet future educators like you who took the Teacher Pledge. Learn what inspired them to become teachers and how the Teacher Pledge is financially supporting their dreams and aspirations. 

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